The Archival Center

Genealogical Research

1. Only limited genealogical research requests can be serviced by Archival Center staff and costs for such assistance are subject to fees as stated in the Policy Governing Research Requests.

2. Genealogical research requests that are extensive should be serviced through the engagement of a professional genealogical researcher. Names of such qualified persons can be obtained by placing an inquiry with the Southern California Genealogical Society, Post Office Box 4377, Burbank, California, 91503.

3. The Archives of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles does not certify genealogical data for any reason. Such certification has to be provided by a professional genealogist retained by the individual(s) seeking verifiable genealogical data.

4. Searchers are encouraged to check the three volumes by Marie Northrup on the sacraments performed at the California missions. She was a meticulous scholar whose books have withstood the passage of time. Those titles are:

Spanish-Mexican Families of Early California: 1769-1850 – Volume One
Spanish-Mexican Families of Early California: 1769-1850 – Volume Two
Spanish-Mexican Families of Early California: 1769-1850 – Volume Three

These books are published by the Southern California Genealogical Society in Burbank, California.

5. Portions of the sacramental register books of the California Missions from 1850 are on file at the Archival Center. Materials prior to 1850 may be researched on-line at the Huntington Library, in The Early California Population Project collection.

The Huntington Library website link is