The Archival Center

Research Requests

  1. Patrons who seek research assistance through mail or phone requests to the Archival Center may incur charges for such service.
  2. The cost for limited staff researches is $25.00 an hour or portion thereof, if the search requires no more than two hours of staff time. If the search time exceeds two hours, the cost for each additional hour or portion thereof will be $30.00, up to a maximum of four additional hours. No searches can be undertaken that exceed a total of six hours of staff time.
  3. Patrons may order photocopies of material from the Archival Center under the following guidelines and fee schedules:

a. Books and Periodicals: Because of the danger to our bound holdings, due to their brittleness or very tight bindings, the Archival Center does not permit the copying of bound journals or books.

b. Newspapers: Base fee is $10.00 plus 50 cents per page.

c. Documents: No more than the equivalent of 12 pages of documents may be copied for research purposes. All requests for photocopying documents must be approved by the Archivist and permission in some instances may be denied. Base fee is $10.00 plus 50 cents per page.

d. Ephemera: Base fee is $10.00 plus 50 cents per page. Again, patron requests in this category are subject to the approval of the Archivist and permission may be denied if the item in question is considered too fragile.

  1.  Any of the material listed above may be subject to the United States copyright law. If so, the Archival Center reserves the right to refuse making photocopies.
  2. It is not the policy of the Archival Center to copy a whole item on request, especially books and periodicals. However, this may be waived at the discretion of the Archivist for published material that is in the public domain and no longer safeguarded by copyright law.
  3. Any materials supplied to patrons from the above categories are for research purposes only. Permission to publish any such material from the Archival Center in whole or in part must be approved by the Archivist.
  4. If permission is granted, then this credit line must be used: Published by permission of the Archival Center, Archdiocese of Los Angeles.
  5. There is no fee for publication use by a non-profit organization or purpose or upon special waiver by the Archivist. However, there is a Reproduction/Use Fee for commercial purposes. All publication permissions are for a one-time use only. Reuse requires a new permission request.
  6. Reproduction/Use Fees for one-time commercial use:
Film and electronic media: $100
Publication in print or computer format: $100
  1. If material is used in the publication category, the author(s) must supply a copy to the Archival Center.