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When the late James Francis Cardinal McIntyre inaugurated the archival program for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, in 1962, he also endorsed the notion of collecting materials associated with California’s Catholic heritage. A number of display cases were acquired and over the succeeding years a rather sizable assortment of historical artifacts has been assembled and exhibited. On numerous occasions, the collection was moved around the southland, from college to college, museum to museum.

When plans for the new Archival Center were being formulated, space was provided for an Historical Museum with sixteen modern display areas. During the course of each year, the various displays are changed or otherwise updated. On Monday and Thursday afternoons, Las Damas Archivistas, a docent group founded by Marie Walsh Harrington, opens the Historical Museum to visitors. Since the first year of its operation, the collection has achieved wide acclaim.

Among the general categories on exhibit are the papal collection, exhibits about Archbishop John J. Cantwell and Cardinals James Francis McIntyre, Timothy Manning, Roger Mahony and Fray Junipero Serra, the California hierarchy, religious Americana, the California missions, outstanding works of Art, fore-edge paintings, religious objects, the button and medallic collection, relics of the saints and numerous others.

An outline of the holdings in the Historical Museum attached to the Archival Center can be found in a book published in 1984
under the title California’s Catholic Treasury.
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