The Archival Center

School Transcripts

Normally school transcripts are retained at the educational institution itself. The following are the school files on deposit at the Archival Center.

Saint Vibiana Elementary School 1930 – 1969
Our Lady Queen of Angels Elementary School
Our Lady Queen of Angels High School 1930 – 1968
Holy Cross Elementary School
Cathedral Elementary School 1930 – 1960
Cathedral High School for Girls 1930 – 1960
Maryknoll Elementary School 1921 – 1995
Our Lady of Solitude (La Soledad)
Sacred Heart – Pomona
San Roque – Santa Barbara
Holy Cross Middle School
St. John the Evangelist  
To request transcripts, individuals must submit a written request. The request must include the full name if the individual, as well as the names of the individual’s parents, the name of the school and the years attended. All schools, expect where noted, were located in the City of Los Angeles.

The Archival Center issues transcripts with and without an official seal. Individuals should indicate the need for an official copy of their transcript in their request. Unless this request is included all transcript copies are issued as unofficial documents.

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