The Archival Center

Guidelines for Quince-Años at the Mission

1. The San Fernando Mission is not a parish but is a public oratory. Quince-años ceremonies are allowed in the Mission because of an age-old custom. The normal place for this ceremony is in the parish of the young lady.

2. It is necessary for the young lady celebrating her quince-años to arrange to have a priest of her choice come to the Mission to celebrate her ceremony. If she wishes her own pastor or associate pastor to celebrate her quince-años, she must discuss the scheduling of her ceremony with him prior to reserving a time at the Old Mission.

3. In keeping with the guidelines of the Archdiocesan Office of Liturgy, young ladies and their parents are expected to develop the quince-años ceremony in full consultation with their priest.

4. Reservations for quince-años must be scheduled with the Mission Office on FRIDAYS ONLY between 9:00 AM and 4:30 PM. This includes requests for information and deposits to secure dates.

5. A quince-años mass may be scheduled for any day except Sunday morning.

6. The San Fernando Mission and its furnishings are more than 200 years old. Because of this, the following policies are strictly enforced:

  1. Nothing may ever be taped, wired or thumb tacked to the pews. Florist “Spirit Gum” is NOT permitted.
  2. Aisle runners are NOT permitted.
  3. Camera operators, microphones and other non-decorous equipment are NOT permitted in the sanctuary.
  4. Service fees are charged for the use of the Mission’s electricity. Information on this service is available upon request.

7. Limited parking is available at the Mission for those attending the quince-años. Parking and fire lane laws must be obeyed by all members of your party and your guests at all times. Private cars rented for your event as well as limousines must NOT block fire lanes or any entrance to the Mission grounds. In order to preserve the rustic atmosphere of the Mission grounds, car radios should be set to minimum volume, and food and beverages are NOT permitted on the grounds at any time.

8. We ask that following your event, only immediate family members and those directly attending the “quince-añera” remain on the grounds for pictures so as to free up space in the parking area for the next event.