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1. Permission will be granted for one-time use of photographs for publication, exhibition, or other purposes if the proposed use is specified. Any subsequent use of the photo requires additional written permission from the Archival Center.

2. Published photographs must be credited to the Archival Center, Archdiocese of Los Angeles. In some cases, specific collections must be credited.

3. It is the author’s responsibility to supply the Archival Center with a copy of the book or periodical or source in which a photograph from the collection of the Archival Center is published.

4. All photograph orders will be filled in the order in which they are received. No special rush order will be accepted.

5. Local print and electronic media may send their photographers by appointment to the Archival Center to make copies of photographs for news stories at a cost of $20.00 per image.

6. Photographs cannot be copied by patrons using their own cameras without the approval of the Archivist of the Archival Center. If permission is granted, there is a base cost of $5.00 per copied image. This includes videotaping. However, the patron must fill out the form for “copying photos for one-time use” and is charged based on the photo prices listed below.

7. To protect photographs, patrons must use cotton gloves in handling all photographs and take extreme care not to damage photos. Where possible, copy prints will be available for basic searches. If copy prints are used, the wearing of gloves is not necessary. However, patrons must not write on copy prints or on photographs.

8. All negatives and original prints are retained in the Archival Center and will not be loaned to individuals for copying.

9. Orders may be mailed or held at the Archival Center for patron pickup. However, pickup orders will be held for 60 days only.

10. Prints will be glossy unless patron specifies matte finish. Fees for prints are as follows:

Under 10 copies

11 to 20 copies

21 to 30 copies*

Book Jacket use

$50.00 per image

$45.00 per image

$40.00 per image

$100.00 per image

*For quantities above 30 – Call for quote
11. No photographs obtained by permission of the Archival Center may be copied or resold, nor deposited in any library or collection (other than the applicant’s personal files) without first obtaining specific authorization from the Archival Center.12. The Archival Center reserves the right to refuse to copy photographs because of fragility, poor image, size of item, or other circumstantial problems related to a specific photograph or collection.